Hiring a professional coach has become an essential mean for developing the know how (posture, assertiveness, emotional-intelligence, ability to step back, interpersonal communication, resilience, self confidence) and increase your productivity (stress management, goals setting, time management).

Leadership starts by You! personnal leadership is the way to define and reach your goals / dreams with Passion, commitment, persistance, optimisme and self-confidence).

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The end game of being coached is to feel fulfilled, achieve goals, provoke and lead change (self leadership), motivate and engage, recruit and retain talents. 

Because every human being has unlimited potential, being a true leader is within everyone’s reach, but it takes time, rigor, intentionality and effort. Personal leadership, if applied in your personal or professional life, will give you fulfillment and meaning!

Being coached is making the decision to focus on YOU (your talents, your limiting beliefs, your biases, your emotions and the way you leverage them), your impact as a leader of your life and your ability to reach worthwhile pre-determined personnal goals. 

Being coached is a transformational experience. 

How do you choose your coach or coaching program?

  • First, you should hire an accredited coach (which I am) which guarantee deontology, confidentiality, and professionalism. 
  • The relationship coach – coachee should be simple and intuitive. His/her self-knowledge his/her values, life experience, energy and mindset will be critical for the coaching process and method. You will be spending time with your coach, revealing yourself, realize things, so you should have a good “fit”. 
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions to the coach to know more.  

If you want to know more of me or InValues, visit my page, my Linked-in profile, and do not hesitate to plan a conversation with me to understand better how I can help you and support you in your effective leadership journey.