Hence you need to improve your attractiveness and servant leadership skills. 

The good news is you are at the right place! 

Thanks to our Leadership programs, InValues will support you in your path to become a great, effective, authentic, inspirational, and engaging leader!

Leadership Lausanne Leader Self-care Self-awareness Taking responsibility Motivational

Who am I?

My name is Claire Sverzut, founder of InValues.

Leadership Lausanne Leader Self-care Self-awareness Taking responsibility Motivational

Who am I?

My name is Claire Sverzut.


experience in International FMCG’s

15+ years

 leading teams

Leadership Lausanne Leader Self-care Self-awareness Taking responsibility Motivational

The success of all organisations relies on People. Governance structure is important of course, however if you don’t have the right talent and the right behaviours in place, it will fall apart. 

It’s even more critical today with our multi-generational workplace, and the VUCA environment. Leaders must re-invent themselves to become motivational, inspiring, influential, emotionally intelligent, and focused. I strongly believe that people have unlimited potential to drive, deliver, grow, evolve, innovate, interact with each other’s, fight for their passion, beliefs and values.

Everyone is and can be a leader.

Based on this belief, my priority over my +15 years of leading sourcing teams in International FMCG’s, has always been people development to create high performing teams. 

As a natural progression in my own leadership journey, I have decided to be a certified coach. Because I wanted to create more “organisations of tomorrow” and positively impact more lives, I made the decision to set up my own coaching business InValues. 

I am a value driven person, a profound believer in the “us”, I lead my life with passion, courage, growth mindset and resilience. 

My mission: transform one leader at a time, irrespective of its responsabilities. I am a leader so are you!


Leadership is such a simple yet powerful word. It implies personal leadership, strategic leadership, motivational leadership to achieve collective performance. 

Daniel Goleman, in his book « Primal Leadership », refers to the emotional dimension of leadership. One of the leader primal task is to articulate a message that resonates with their followers’ emotional reality, with their sense of purpose. “Leadership is the art of getting work done through other people”. 

It’s also “The practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions towards your objective/s ».(Bryant and Kazan 2012).

To me, The pre-requisite to any type of leadership is Self-leadership : a true leader knows himself, care for himself, and believes in his potential. 

“The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.” Thomas Carlyle | 19th century Scottish philosopher

Organisations must truly consider their people and culture as the most important asset and competitive advantage they possess.

Effectives leaders must develop their self-awareness, their assertiveness, their emotional intelligence to create a safe space where their teams feel trustworthy, cared for, and empowered. Only then they will create a climate of innovation, success, and results.  

Through personal leadership, leaders learn to maintain a positive mindset and high self-respect, nourish their growth mindset with courage, their decisiveness, and resilience, develop their genuine care for others through empathy and authenticity, and encourage performance through purpose led and motivational leadership. 

Because I’m deeply convinced that personal leadership is THE key to our Success, InValues has agreed a partnership with LMI Swiss (https://lmi-swiss.com). Leadership Management International (LMI) is a performance improvement company specialized in assessments, leadership, and organization development. Thanks to a unique structured process, allying workshops, coaching, spaced-repetition and on-the job application, I guarantee long-lasting, measurable results in positive behavior & attitudes change, character development, performance improvement, improved productivity, focus on what what matters, higher team engagement, goals achievement, and a high-performance culture. In addition, individual & team well-being skyrocket, and turnover & burnout remarkably go down. 

Organisations must truly consider their people and culture as the most important asset and competitive advantage they possess. They must develop leadership through their entire organisation. Leadership development is not an event or a project. Truly effective leadership development is a continuous, ongoing, lifelong process. 

Extensive research has shown that the best leaders have mastered four key stages of leadership development. The Total Leader® concept identifies these four broad areas or levels that a person must master to become a Total Leader®: Personal productivity, Personal Leadership, Motivational leadership, Strategic leadership. 

Those same leaders have gradually developed their emotional intelligence, helping them to navigate in the BANI or VUCA environment, to regulate their level of stress (and that of their teams) to create and promote a trusting empowering culture, despite pressure on performance.

InValues areas of expertise

  • My ambition: Make your company/your team the place of choice for collaborators, Reveal the leader inside each individual and Leverage leadership to maximise individual and collective potential, to drive value and results. And simply « eradicate » toxic management practises. 
  • Official partner of LMI Swiss, and fully aligned with the TOTAL LEADER®concept – Leadership Program that helps you build your posture to be an authentic and high performing engaging leader.
    • Effective Personal productivity (or how you do more with less, time or priority management)
    • Effective Personal leadership & Leadership for Women (or how you transform yourself to realise your dreams and goals, with passion, commitment and positive expectancy)
    • Effective Motivational leadership (or how you build High performant teams)
  • Coaching based on individual and collective emotional intelligence. Very useful for maintaining your mental health, resistance to stress, decision-making, collaboration, understanding your strengths and areas for development, etc…
  • Support Culture transformation
  • I feel » workshop: an introduction to collective emotional intelligence and its magical power
  • Effective communication & delegation (incl. multi generation), crisis & conflict management. From cooperation to collaboration.

Benefits of the coaching programs to become a true inspiring leader: 

  • Your organisation to become the « choiceful » place to work of choice, 
  • Build a high performing culture to deliver sustainable value,
  • Improve your personal leadership to improve your communication, your resistence to stress, be effective in goal settings, prioritisation & time management, model new productive behaviours that drive team performance and engagement,
  • By facilitating and coaching the transformation of every individuals and teams, that leads the organisation, we develop leadership and culture, thereby sustainably transforming your business.

With whom do I work? 

  • Start ups & entrepreneurs
  • PME (Petites et moyennes entreprises)
  • Any individual who wants to develop its potential (at work or in its personal life)

How do I work ? 

  • Physical or remotely
  • Individual and group Coaching 

Contact me to discuss which coaching programs will help you to become the leader you wish to be.